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How Much Does Part A Cost?

It depends on how long you paid Medicare taxes while working, and it's based on quarters worked (a quarter is every 3 months of work).  

  • $0 if you worked and paid Medicare taxes for 40 quarters
  • $278 if you worked and paid Medicare taxes for 30 - 39 quarters
  • $506 if you worked and paid Medicare taxes less than 30 quarters

Part A Medicare is sometimes referred to as "Hospital Coverage"

What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

  • Inpatient care in a hospital
  • Skilled Nursing Facility care
  • Home Health care
  • Hospice Care

Medicare Part A Benefits and Costs

What is the Annual Deductible for Medicare Part A?

The Medicare Part A Deductible is currently $1,600 per benefit period

The benefit periods start the day you are admitted into a hospital and end 60 days after you haven't received inpatient hospital care or 60 days in a row

You could have more than one benefit period in a year meaning you may have to pay the deductible more than once per year.

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Avoid Late Enrollment Penalties

If you do not properly enroll in Medicare Part A when you are supposed to enroll then you may incur a financial penalty.  

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Make sure you properly enroll at the appropriate time to avoid any financial penalties.  

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